March 11, 2004

Dear Perspective Employer,

My name is James Fitzpatrick, and I'm looking for a job with your company.

I am looking for work in the Graphic Design/Visual Communications field, but I am versatile and not limited to just work in that field, and I would consider any position your company may have available for me.

I have taken over 30 college courses in multimedia and made the Deans List at Edmonds Community College with a 3.8 Grade Point Average (GPA).

I have training in HTML, graphic arts and interface design, digital imagery, audio and video production, and
I have experience using a variety of software and creation programs such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Dreamweaver, Flash, etc.

In addition, I am an excellent communicator, a strong writer, and have some basic background and experience/training with Microsoft Office 2000 software, Networking, Telecommunications, and Microsoft 2000 Operating System and Microsoft XP. I also have work experience in sales, telemarketing, tech support, customer service, and many other fields of work outside of computers and music.

I have extensive training in music theory - performance and instruction - and digital music and film scoring.
I produced my own television series - "Guitar Lab" - in the local Seattle area, and I've taught professionally for over 20 years.

My college instructors feel I'm creative, artistic, and one of the most natural teachers they've ever seen, and I feel that all of my combined talents make me a well-rounded artist and a strong contributor to any team in the multimedia field or any other job field I may enter.

On my own I have created over 150 websites, and have many examples where I've done the original photography, created the oroginal graphics and artwork, original Flash animations, and recorded original audio sound files - as well as wrote the code for the webpages, and created the interface and navigational graphics for the sites - which shows I am well-rounded and creative, and I can create complete multimedia websites completely on my own.

I'm hoping to gain a job or an internship with your company, so that I may continue to learn and develop my skills in this career field, and at the same time I can participate in doing some great work for your organization! I believe you'd find me to be a fantastic addition to your company, and I'd be extremely happy to be associated with your team in any capacity.

In closing I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this long letter, and for considering me for employment. I hope this letter will serve as a quick introduction that will illustrate my skills, work ethic, and my desire to work for you. I want to create things that people will enjoy and appreciate - and at the same time I want to generate financial income and profits for my employer and myself.

Here ar 4 letters of recommendation I've earned:

| Recommendation Letter 1 | Recommendation Letter 2 | Recommendation Letter 3 | Dean's Honor Roll |

Please view my work samples at:


Jim Fitzpatrick

2004 by Jim Fitzpatrick. All rights reserved.