Turn up your PC speakers to hear Van Halen's incredible "Eruption" solo

Edward Van Halen - A New Sound on guitar

Edward Van Halen brought forth a whole new sound to guitar. No one can deny that he was an astounding innovator who inspired a whole generation of guitar players to copy his licks. Like Jimi Hendrix before him, he stood apart from every other musician in the world. His style and technique was incredible. I remember the first time I saw him in 1978. Van Halen was an unknown warm-up band playing for an old, soon-to-break-up Black Sabbath. Ozzy Osborne was once quoted in an article years later that the dumbest thing his managers ever did was to hire Van Halen to warm-up their audiences without ever having listened to their demo tape! Every night Edward and the boys blew up Black Sabbath's audiences around the world - and then Ozzy would have to come out and try to top THAT - which they never could. Van Halen was THE party rock band of the late 70's and 80's. With Eddie playing monster lead guitar, David Lee Roth being the most colorful front man in rock, Alex Van Halen playing drums, and Michael Anthony laying down the foundation on bass, Van Halen tore it up like no one else!!!

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